About the Center

Centre for Development of the Skopje region has been established under the Law on Balanced Regional Development in May 2009.

Skopje region covers a total area of 1812 km2 or 7% of the territory of R. of Macedonia. This region encompasses 17 municipalities and the City of Skopje as a separate unit of local self-government, or 10 urban municipalities that are part of the City and 7 rural.

Its main task is to strengthen the capacity of networks in local and rural community, business sector, stimulating the development on local and regional level, strengthening the principle of public private partnership and working towards raising the quality of life.

Centre for Development of the Skopje region performs the following tasks:

  • Prepare draft-program for development of the planning region;
  • Prepare draft-action plan for implementation of the Program for development of planning region;
  • Prepare project-proposals for development of the planning region and for the area of specific development needs;
  • Coordinate activities related with implementation of the Program for development of the planning region and works on the realization of the projects for development of the planning region;
  • Provide information to all interested parties for implementation process of the Programme for development of  the planning region and other issues regarding the regional development;
  • Provides professional and technical assistance to local-self governments in preparing of their development programs;
  • Provides professional services to associations of the citizens and other interested parties for the preparation of projects of regional development;
  • Encourage the inter-municipal cooperation in the framework of the planning development;
  • Works on implementation of projects for initiating the development of the planning region, financed by EU funds or other international resources;
  • Performs promotion development opportunities of the planning region
  • Performs professional and administrative-technical work for the council for development of the planning region.


M.Sc.Ljupco – Kec Mickovski
Executive Director of the Centre for Development of Skopje Planning Region

Address: Dimitrie Chupovski 13
Building of the Economic Chamber of Macedonia / first floor
1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

1000 Skopje Macedonia
Tel.: +389 2 3244 033
+389 70 311 147

email: ljupcokec@skopjeregion.gov.mkljupcokec@yahoo.com

  • Represents and manage the Centre
  • Manage the Centre property
  • Establish and maintain horizontal and vertical communication
  • Coordinate, directs and control the work of the Centre
  • Prepare a Rulebook for systematization of the Centre’s Administration
  • Decides for employment, rights , duties and responsibilities of the employee
  • Propose to the Council for Development of the Skopje region: programs and plans, draft-projects, reports and any other documents prepared by the Centre
  • Performed other duties stipulated by the Law

Rozeta Arsovska
Coordinator for regional development
email: rozeta@skopjeregion.gov.mk
tel.: +389 2 3244 033

Irina Trostjanska
Advisor for administrative – technical matters
email: irina.trostjanska@skopjeregion.gov.mk
tel.: +389 2 3244 033

Daniela Andonovska
Adviser on legal and normative work
email: <a data-cke-saved-href=”mailto:daniela@skopjeregion.gov.mk” href=”mailto:daniela@skopjeregion.gov.mk” font-family:=”” arial,=”” helvetica,=”” sans-serif;=”” font-size:=”” small;”=”” target=”_blank”>daniela@skopjeregion.gov.mk
tel.: +389 2 3244 033

Ozan Ademovski
Coordinator for regional development
email: ozan.ademovski@skopjeregion.gov.mk
tel.: +389 2 3244 033

Viktorija Mitrikeska 
Coordinator for sustainable development and support of private sector
email: bc.spr@skopjeregion.gov.mk
tel.: +389 2 3244 036
www: http://investinskopjeregion.mk

Regina Ikonomovska
Advisor for promotion of tourism, culture and sustainable development Str. Dimitrije Cupovski No. 13, Economic Chamber of RNM, 1st floor
1000 Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia
e-mail: regina@skopjeregion.gov.mk
Phone: +389 2 3244 033 / +389 071 593 212 www. investinskopjeregion.mk

Council for Development of the Skopje region

The Council for development of the Skopje region is formed for each region separately.

Members of the Council for Development of Skopje region are the mayors of units of the local self-government within the region and the City of Skopje.

Council is chaired by the President, who is elected among the mayors, for a period of 2 (two) years.

Municipalities in Skopje region:

City of Skopje Aerodrom Butel
Gazi Baba Gjorche Petrov Karposh
Kisela Voda Saraj Centar
Chair Shuto Orizari Arachinovo
Zelenikovo Ilinden Petrovec
Sopishte Studenichani Chucher Sandevo

Council for Development Planning in the Skopje region performs the following functions:

  • Organize and coordinatethe activities for monitoring and evaluating implementation of the planning documents for regional development;
  • Adopt a Program for development of the planning region, after prior approval by the Council for balanced regional development;
  • Adopt an annual ActionPlan for implementation of the Programme for Development of the planning region;
  • Determine the annual list of proposed projects for development of the planning region;
  • Submit proposals to the Bureau for Regional Development to identify areas with specific development   needs  within the planning region, according to the criteria of Article 7 of this law;
  • Provides coordination of activities of the units of local-self governments, NGOs, government agencies and institutions within the region that operate in regional development;
  • Initiate consideration of issues related to regional development that is necessary for coordination between local-self governments and partners from the private sector and civil society;
  • To promote cross-border cooperation with regions of other countries on the basis of common interests;
  • Perform other duties in the field of regional development stipulated by the Law;
  • Council for Development of the planning region adopts an annual report on implementation of the Programme for the Development of the planning region.